Our 5 Biggest Game of Thrones Wishes for 2014
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Game of Thrones

Our 5 Biggest Game of Thrones Wishes for 2014

Ah, New Year’s, that joyous time of year when we all think we’re going to vastly improve ourselves only to realize on January 15 that we really don’t like the taste of kale and are going to go back to eating cupcakes after all. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of some New Year’s resolutions for our favorite epic fantasy, Game of Thrones. Let’s hope their capacity for keeping resolutions is better than ours is.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Click away now if you don't want to know!

1. Red Viper vs. The Mountain Done Right. Season 4 is going to feature what is probably the most-thrilling fight scene in the entire book series when the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell, squares off against the Hound’s beastly brother, the Mountain. Let’s hope the show makes this as awesome on-screen as it is on the page.

2. Keep Around Bronn and the Hound. If the show follows the trajectory of the books, these two characters will likely be disappearing next season. But we really like them, so let’s hope the show comes up with some ways to keep them around.

3. Red Wedding Redemption. Spoiler alert: In the two and a half books since the Red Wedding in the book series, there still has yet to be a satisfying act of revenge from the Starks. Let’s hope the show rectifies this next season and gives us a tiny victory.

4. Dany in Westeros. This is highly unlikely if not impossible, but wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if the showrunners just said “screw it” and had Dany invade Westeros on the back of a dragon next season and torched Joffrey? Like we said, it’s not gonna happen, but it would be so cool.

5. The Winds of Winter. Even more unlikely than a Daenerys invasion is the possibility of George R. R. Martin releasing the next book in the series, but hey, New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be unrealistic, right?