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Pop Divas

12 Outrageous Diva Demands — From Mariah Carey to Justin Bieber (PHOTOS)

Beyonce added power to the word "diva" in ;her 2009 hit song ;— the "female version of a hustler." ;Don't get us wrong: We're all about strong, independent women taking charge and changing the world. But the following stars, both male and female, have a tendency to go a bit overboard with their star status (ahem, Mariah Carey).

Here are some of showbiz's most notorious divas and their craziest divalicous demands. From on-call acupuncturists to pristine toilet seats, these celebs hold their surroundings to a higher standard than one might consider reasonable. Notably, on-and-off lovebirds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are both on here... due, in part, to clearing their workspace of each other. (Not gonna lie: We wish we had that luxury during breakups!)

Click through the gallery to see insane demands from super-famous stars, and just to be safe: Choose white roses, and never ;carnations or hydrangeas, when buying flowers for a celeb.