Over One Third of Moms Secretly Favor One Child, Says Survey
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Over One Third of Moms Secretly Favor One Child, Says Survey

If you’ve ever suspected that mom didn’t love you best, you may have been onto something. According to a new survey, published as “The State of Parenting Today” by the website Parentdish, more than one third of mothers secretly have a favorite child.

Of the 2,212 parents surveyed, 34 percent of moms and 28 percent of dads admitted to preferring one of their children over the others. 42 percent of parents also thought things could be better with their children, while 17 percent felt they were going through a ‘stressful time.’

On the plus side, 92 percent said that it was all worth it. Aspects of parenting that were most satisfying to parents were watching their children play together (32 percent) and reading their kid a story (24 percent).

Of those surveyed, 42 percent said that what made them happiest about being a parent was receiving unconditional love and affection. What they missed most? Sleeping in on the weekends (40 percent), and money (38 percent). Oh, can we relate!

In other news, the survey found that more than half of parents — 54 percent — lied to others about weekend plans for their children (uh, guilty...), and that more than one in five felt pressured to buy their children the latest gadgets to fit in (ditto...).

Source: Parentdish

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06.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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