Owen Moves Out! OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 14
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Grey's Anatomy

Owen Moves Out! OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 14

Cupid's were going a little haywire on Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 14: "All You Need Is Love" and we've listed the top five shocks to prove it. Hey, here's hoping your Valentine's Day will be a little less crazy!

5. The van crashes
We know people want their Valentine's flowers delivered quickly, but no one would fault a florist for slowing down just enough so as not to come crashing through the front door of a hospital. But this florist was on a schedule, and sure enough, he plowed his van straight through the wall and almost took out Cristina (Sandra Oh). What in carnation!

4. The necklace's message
If the girlfriend had simply looked at the dinky necklace more closely, she would have seen that it was a locket touting a marriage proposal. And then she wouldn't have stormed off. And then the husband wouldn't have had to speed after her in his car and gotten into a wreck. And then he wouldn't have died. So take heed, all you lovebirds: don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but definitely scrutinize a gift necklace.

3. Richard's un-happy anniversary
How many times does the Adele Alzheimer's storyline have to break our hearts? Honestly! This week's devastating blow was Richard's (James Pickens Jr.) recounting of their anniversary that day, for which Adele wasn't nearly lucid. In fact, she was so confused that she thought she was meeting Richard for the first time.

2. Owen vacates
"I'm moving out." Not a phrase most people want to hear on the loviest day of the year. But Owen (Kevin McKidd) apparently couldn't stand the idea of one more night spent in the same bed as Cristina. In fact, he was so desperate to flee the scene that he even contemplated moving in with his mommy.

1. Teddy gets her hate on
Remember when Teddy (Kim Raver) competed for Cristina for Owen's affection? Yeah, that certainly isn't happening anymore. Not only does she not love Owen, but now, she is filled with rage and hatred at the mere thought of his ginger locks. We understood his decision to lie to her, but we can't help sympathizing with her, too. Damn dilemmas!

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