Brandi Glanville Owes Eddie Cibrian Spousal Support? Brandi’s Lawyer Responds! (VIDEO)
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Owes Eddie Cibrian Spousal Support? Brandi’s Lawyer Responds! (VIDEO)

Is Eddie Cibrian asking Brandi Glanville to pay him child support? Brandi is offering her thoughts on the continuing drama and Brandi's lawyer is weighing in, too.

Earlier this week, Brandi stirred the pot by saying that Eddie was asking Brandi to pay him child support, even though Eddie and wife LeAnn Rimes are both worth millions. Eddie's rep later denied that Eddie was asking Brandi for child support.

So to prove that she's telling the truth, Brandi posted a pic to Twitter of a letter she was sent by Eddie's lawyers that apparently claims Eddie overpaid Brandi by $114,738 in spousal support. Brandi deleted the pic because the letter disclosed her old address.

Meanwhile, Brandi's lawyer is offering his take on the fracas. "The lawyer who sent the letter [about Brandi owing Eddie money] does not represent Brandi in connection with Eddie's calculation of alleged overpayment of support," her lawyer says. "It appears to me Eddie is trying at least in part to get back some of the child support he paid."

But Eddie's rep says the letter doesn't refer to child support and instead deals with Eddie's retirement fund. "This is an unrelated issue and regards the QDRO—Qualified Domestic Relations Order," says Eddie's rep. "It only pertains to the division of Eddie's retirement plan." Confused yet? Us, too.

Okay, so we're not too sure what to make of all this. But we're happiest when Eddie and Brandi aren't squabbling, so we're hoping they work this out soon.

Do you believe Brandi about Eddie asking for child support payment?

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