5 Reasons Clare Crawley Should Be On Bachelor Pad Season 4
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5 Reasons Clare Crawley Should Be On Bachelor Pad Season 4

If you’re like us, your summer wasn’t complete last year, since there were no new episodes of everyone’s favorite brain cell-depleting reality show, Bachelor Pad. The show’s producers claimed to have run out of incendiary cast members to populate the show with, but we have our fingers crossed that ABC brings it back for Season 4 this summer, since there are more than enough new drama-causing Bachelor Nation folks for it.

One of those drama-causers is of course Bachelor Season 18’s Clare Crawley, who has been stirring up all kinds of trouble, whether she’s heating up the ocean with Juan Pablo Galavis or refusing to leave Nikki Ferrell’s room (which, for the record, she didn’t pay for). Here are five reasons why she’d be perfect for Bachelor Pad.

5. She’s ready to change into a bikini whenever possible.

Would we still watch Bachelor Pad if the cast wasn’t constantly hopping in the pool? We’re not sure, but we’d rather not have to find out. That’s why we love that Clare has no qualms about throwing on her swimsuit at a moment’s notice. That said, Clare apparently prefers to do sexier things in water than, say, perform synchronized swimming routines (a la Bachelor Pad Season 2).

4. She doesn’t shy away from a fight.

The Pad has delivered some epic fights over the years, like Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt’s drama in Season 1, or the epic Jake Pavelka-Kasey Kahl blowout of Season 2. And with Clare hashing things out with Nikki last week, there’s no doubt that Clare is a pot-stirrer.

3. She’s smokin’ hot.

Sure, the ultimate goal of Bachelor Pad is to fatten your wallet, but the show wouldn’t be what it is without the surprising romances and heartbreak. So the fact that Clare is definitely easy on the eyes will make it that much more likely for her to, say, be involved in an epic love triangle, not unlike the Blake Julian-Holly Durst-Melissa Schreiber one in Season 2.

2. She’s loyal to her friends.

Clare isn’t one of those lone-wolf types (*cough* Tierra LiCausi) who doesn’t seem to like anyone in the house, as she has become quite close to ladies like Renee Oteri and Chelsie Webster. This suggests that she’d make a solid Bachelor Pad player, since the show is all about having to make alliances. Well, until you later break them, of course.

1. She falls in love shockingly quickly.

You don’t have a ton of time to slowly let romance build on Bachelor Pad, so you need to be impulsive and throw caution to the wind. Given how quickly Clare fell for Juan Pablo or, as Nikki more colorfully put it, how quickly she “peed on him” it seems that she falls in love first and asks questions later, and we love that about her.

Do you think Clare Crawley would be a good choice for Bachelor Pad?