Pamela Anderson Remarries Rick Salomon — Her Former Husband of Two Months!
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Pamela Anderson Remarries Rick Salomon — Her Former Husband of Two Months!

Pamela Anderson's new year is starting off with old news: She's married to Rick Salomon. Again!

You may remember him from his sex tape with ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton, but he was also previously Pamela's third husband. They got married in Las Vegas in October 2007 and had the union annulled two months later. At the time, they cited "fraud" as the reason for the annulment.

Well, now they are married again. Pamela, 46, confirmed the news to E! at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala on Saturday, January 11 in L.A. You can see her ring here. "We're very happy," Pamela said. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

Pamela and Rick, 45, had been seen together over the fall, and in October Pam told Ellen DeGeneres she and her ex were back together ... kinda. "I say we're best friends ... with benefits," the former Baywatch star said. Ellen noted how she keeps going back to the same guys, and Pamela quipped that she's "recycling." At least she's consistent about the men she likes, even if she's never likes them for too long.

Pamela — a two-time Dancing With the Stars contestant — was first married to Tommy Lee, and they have two children together. After him, she was briefly married to Kid Rock. Rick was her last marriage, so he's still her third husband even if this is technically her fourth marriage.

Rick has also been married four times in total, including once to Shannen Doherty. That one only lasted for a few months too, before it was also annulled.

Between Pamela's first and second relationships with Rick, she and Tommy Lee tried to make it work again. He seems like the one she goes back to most often, but now that she's trying again with Rick ... we wish them the best!

Source: E! News