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Grey’s Anatomy: “Paramedic Nicole” Cummins Directing Season 10, Episode 18!
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Grey’s Anatomy: “Paramedic Nicole” Cummins Directing Season 10, Episode 18!


Over the past 10 years, it’s become something of a tradition for the Grey’s Anatomy cast members to try their hand at directing an episode or two — or even more than that, if you talk to Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt). The most recent member of the cast to step behind the camera? Nicole Cummins, who plays Paramedic Nicole — she'll be directing Season 10, Episode 18!

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) announced the news last week on Twitter. “We are so lucky to have our very own @myfriendnicole directing the epi we are shooting right now,” she tweeted. “We just rocked a scene out like no other.”

If you think you don’t know who Nicole is, you’re probably wrong. She has made a crazy amount of appearances in the hospital and on ambulances over the course of the show. In case you’re still stuck, the last time we saw her was when she made an appearance as one of Matthew’s (Justin Bruening) groomsmen during that ill-fated wedding to April (Sarah Drew) in the midseason finale. (She's his current EMT partner-in-crime!)

And when it comes to putting Grey’s together for us to love and obsess over at home, Nicole’s a seasoned vet. Not only has she been on set as a script supervisor for over 173 episodes, but she’s also directed before — Season 9, Episode 20: “She’s Killing Me.”

According to Nicole, her favorite part of directing is seeing all the magic the cast and crew are making come together on screen. “Blocking the scenes then watching the fantastic actors do what they do best. It’s magical!” she said.

Looking forward to seeing the episode? Let us know what you expect below!

Source: Twitter, IMDB