Parents Bust Their Kid Singing ‘I’m Not Sleepy’ in the Middle of the Night (VIDEO)
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Parents Bust Their Kid Singing ‘I’m Not Sleepy’ in the Middle of the Night (VIDEO)

The parents of wee little scamp John Thomas thought his nighttime performance of the self-written tune “I’m Not Sleepy” was so super cute and adorable that they just had to capture it on video, no doubt creating a much treasured memory.

Perhaps worried that the little guy would be camera-shy (although, from the way he’s belting that tune, we kind of doubt it), his mom and dad decided to use the night vision function of their camera to capture the action.

But what started out as a fun idea turned out to be a tad scary for John. When the tiny artist finally discovers that his folks have snuck into his room in the dark, in the middle of the night, with a video camera he understandably gets more than a little freaked out. John’s mom does a great job of calming her little guy down, however, and he goes right back to singing his happy tune.

As any parent who’s tried and failed to get a child to “go the eff to sleep” can attest, sometimes you just have to laugh at the kid who refuses to be put down. John’s “I’m Not Sleepy” tune is pretty funny, but as a parent who just wants to have some downtime after my kids are finally in bed, seeing this little boy get the tables turned on him is pretty laughable. Sorry, little dude!

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09.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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