Are Parents More Aggravated by Their Kids Today?
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Are Parents More Aggravated by Their Kids Today?

Guess what, parents? A new study suggests that kids can be aggravating. Every mom knows this isn’t exactly front page news, but you may be surprised to know exactly how aggravating they can be. According to a new report, parents say that they’re twice as aggravated by their own kids as they were just 10 years ago.

The report was published by Child Trends, a non-profit group whose mission is to support the well-being of children. In their survey of data collected from the National Survey of Children’s Health, as well as the National Survey of America's Families, the organization concluded that 35% of parents said they felt aggravated by their children in 2007, compared to 20% in 1997.

What’s the reason for this marked increase in annoyance? While no one factor was attributed to the rise in aggravation, David Murphey, a senior researcher scientist at Child Trends and one of the report’s authors, did suggest that the parent’s modern work schedule and the increase in being “wired” 24/7 via electronic devices are likely factors.

In an interview with TODAY Moms, Murphey explained, “Parents feel distracted from the job of parenting by the need to constantly be checking on their email, or other electronic devices, as well as monitor their kids’ use of these devices.”

Child Trends makes the point that this number is alarming because the stress level of a parent directly impacts whether a child will flourish or fail. The report also states that the parental role is affected by several other factors — including education, social support, and economics.

How about you, do you feel aggravated by your kids very often?

Source: Child Trends, TODAY Moms

04.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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