Parents Sue as Superintendent Accuses Teacher of Taunting Autistic Student
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Parents Sue as Superintendent Accuses Teacher of Taunting Autistic Student

A teacher at a Flint, Michigan-area elementary school has learned a very difficult lesson about the consequences of her actions.

According to the AP Via MSN, on November 22, the teacher, Nicole McVey, humiliated one of her fifth-grade students at Oaktree Elementary School. The boy — who has Asperger’s syndrome — was stuck in the back of his classroom chair. Nicole videotaped the scene of the child struggling to get out of the chair and even taunted him, threatening to use a taser on him. She later showed the footage to students, fellow teachers, and school staff.

The AP obtained a letter written to the Flint-area district board by Scott Bogner, Superintendent of the Goodrich Area Schools. In the letter, Scott details his investigation of Nicole’s alleged actions, and concludes that the teacher acted in a “particularly callous” manner.

However, William Young, Nicole’s attorney, stated in a court document that the teacher did not record the video for “malicious purposes.” At the time, her attorney could not be reached by the AP for comment.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the parents of the boy are justifiably furious and have called for Nicole’s immediate firing. Their attorney, Patrick Greenfelder, says the parents attended a meeting with school officials and were told that Nicole’s tenure would be revoked, and that she would be suspended for a year.

The boy’s parents say that’s not good enough, and they now feel that they have “no recourse” but to sue the school district.

Nicole — who was immediately suspended after the incident — has been teaching in Detroit schools for over 14 years. She wrote a letter to the parents stating that she was “very sorry” for her actions.

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Sources: AP via MSN, Detroit Free Press

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