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Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ? 3 Fan Questions, Answered

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Why Did Prince Harry Sleep in a Freezer?

Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ? 3 Fan Questions, Answered
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If there's one thing that '90s TV very-special-episodes taught us, it's that you shouldn't shut yourself in a refrigerator. But don't worry; the Royal Ginger emerged from his freezer intact and alive. Probably because the freezer was made for humans.

Prince Harry is the royal patron of Walking With the Wounded, a UK-based charity that helps out wounded servicemen and women. Like many charities, one of their fundraising efforts is a charity race. Unlike many charities, that race is in the South freakin' Pole.

So, Harry spent the night in a freezer with his team, Team Glenfiddich, testing out his clothes and equipment, and learning to avoid frostbite. The freezer was meant to simulate conditions in Antarctica, with temperatures reaching, at their lowest, -55 degrees celsius. Wind speeds inside the freezer were around 45 miles per hour.

Harry's team will race against the U.S. team, led by True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard, and the Commonwealth Team, led by The Wire star Dominic West, starting on December 1. The race is expected to last around 15 days, with the teams moving around 10 miles per day.

Did Robert Pattinson Ever Date Ashley Greene?

Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ? 3 Fan Questions, Answered
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Oh, this again. In late 2011, the rumor mill was swirling with a made-up romance between Robert Pattinson and a Twilight co-star — but not Kristen Stewart. Star "reported" that an "insider" said that Ashley Greene was making moves on Rob while his then-girlfriend K-Stew was off-set. The source said that “Kristen has warned Rob to keep his distance from Ashley and is furious with him for not obeying.” Gossip Cop took down this one the best:

Unfortunately, Pattinson is unable to “keep his distance” from Greene because they are working.

They are pushing Breaking Dawn in foreign markets together.

That is what actors do.

They are not sharing romantic meals, they are not getting too “close,” and Stewart is not panicking about any kind of hookup.

So there you go. If you need further proof, Yahoo! and NowNowNext also laughed in the face of this rumored romance. So no. They didn't date. They're friends and co-workers. People can be friends with people of opposite genders.

Besides, R. Pattz is probably way too busy dodging the rumor mill, anyway, with endless speculation about his relationship with Sean Penn's daughter Dylan Penn and his reported reconciliation with K.Stew.

Ashley and Rob, for the record, do "stay in touch as much as possible," along with the rest of their Twilight co-stars. Ashley told last month, "Skype is kind of a way for everyone to stay in touch when we are off filming in different places. I see everyone ever so often, it's nice to play catch up. It's a pro and con that everyone is so busy."

Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ?

Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ? 3 Fan Questions, Answered
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Well, "good" is a subjective term, and there doesn't seem to be an overall consensus on Paris Hilton's spinning savvy.

Famous DJ/producer Deadmau5 panned Paris by posting a video of Paris's set with the caption, "its over" [sic], adding that "To be fair… the mayans saw this s*!# coming." This came just a few days saying that "anyone could do" what he does with "about 1 hour of instruction." Many agreed with Deadmau5 after her DJ debut at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil in June of 2012 — Mixmag called it an "auditory car crash" and referred to her as a "DJ," quotes included.

On the flipside, Paris spent the summer DJing at a club in Ibiza (ugh, the simple life, right?), and was so popular that the club owner signed a contract with her for next year. The Mirror agreed that, based on her work in Ibiza, that she's "actually a good DJ."

Since most critiques come from 2012 and most praise comes from 2013, maybe she just improved as a DJ…? Or maybe Ibiza unleashes the right part of the hotel heiress's creativity. Either way, Cash Money Records (labelmates include Drake and Nicki Minaj) seems to think she's good enough for a record deal, and signed her back in May.