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Are Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Hooking Up? (VIDEO)

There’s just something about Bieber. Despite Justin’s various alleged antics involving eggs, cough syrup, and rented cars, this guy has more luck with the ladies than a whole gaggle of boy banders. What’s the allure? No comment.

The latest notch in the Biebs’s bedpost might be a woman 13 years his senior and whose notorious reputation in Hollywood may nearly eclipse Justin’s. According to TMZ, Justin was spotted with Paris Hilton while the two took in Cannes. Well, when in France might as well spend one night in Paris, right?

That is, if there’s any truth to these rumors. TMZ sources insist the pair are not hooking up, they just happened to be in the same area at the same time and sure, Justin had his shirt off but what else is new? The outlet actually goes a step further and claims the hotel heiress “couldn’t stand to spend more than a half-hour” with Justin because “he wouldn’t stop playing his own songs.” Smooth, J.B.

So while Paris may have gone back to Justin’s place for one evening, she was in the company of an estimated 50 other people who were looking to keep the party going after a night at Gotha Nightclub. “Paris was never alone with him,” TMZ writes, and to which we breath a big sigh of relief.

Source: TMZ

05.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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