Paris Hilton on Joining Dancing With the Stars: “I’ll Try That One Time, Maybe”
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Dancing With The Stars

Paris Hilton on Joining Dancing With the Stars: “I’ll Try That One Time, Maybe”

Paris Hilton was in the audience this week to support Dancing With the Stars Season 17 performer Christina Milian, who was sadly eliminated at the end of the hour, and she had plenty to say… about herself. More specifically, the potential of joining the show!

Brooke Burke-Charvet had Paris stand up for her own little interview during Week 5’s “Most Memorable Year” show. How did she think Christina was doing? “I think she did incredible,” Paris said of Christina’s Cha-Cha-Cha, which earned the first 10 of the season. “She looks so gorgeous tonight and I was so proud to watch her dance, I thought her moves were so sexy. I was so impressed.”

Brooke asked Paris if she can dance, and Paris answered, “I can dance, but I can’t dance like her. She has some moves.” And of course, Brooke used that to brainstorm an idea, explaining she has the perfect place for Paris — pick a pro and hook her up in the ballroom. Paris said, “I’ll try that one time, maybe.”

Paris got another shout-out later from Jack Osbourne when he was talking about his previous dance experience — at the clubs with Paris Hilton.

DWTS has been trying to get Lindsay Lohan for a while, but she doesn’t seem interested. What about Paris? She has kind of the same party girl reputation, but so did Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. This week, Snooki even admitted she was loud, annoying, and drank too much in the “young and dumb” years before her son was born. You don’t have to have a baby to mature, and maybe the now-32-year-old Paris is ready to prove she’s not just a socialite.

What do you think about Paris joining DWTS? She may be one of those people who’s famous for being famous, but at least you’ve probably heard of her! Sound off with your thoughts below.