Credit: Instagram

Things aren't so simple in the aftermath of Paris Hilton's brother getting beaten up recently and blaming it on Lindsay Lohan.

Barron, 24, was beaten up at a party in Miami on December 6, and sources say he blames Linds for orchestrating the attack. Lindsay was reportedly upset about unkind things that Barron had been saying about her, and so Barron assumes that Lindsay told the attacker  identified by TMZ as Ray Lemoine  to beat him up.

Barron posted a photo to Instagram on December 7 that shows his face cut in multiple places. TMZ reports that police officers have tried to question both Lindsay and Ray about the incident but have been unable to find either of them.

Now, Barron's big sis is getting involved. In response to Barron's photo, Paris writes on Instagram about Lindsay and Ray, "They both will pay for what they did. No one f—ks with my family and gets away with it." Yikes.

This whole incident is very disappointing, and we're looking forward to learning what really happened here. Lindsay and Paris had been close pals years ago, so it's unfortunate that this has transpired. And we wish Barron all the best in his recovery.

Do you think Lindsay was responsible for Barron's attack? And do you think Paris's threat goes too far?

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