Parks and Rec Star Retta’s Hilarious Reaction to RHoA Reunion — See It Here! (VIDEOS)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Parks and Rec Star Retta’s Hilarious Reaction to RHoA Reunion — See It Here! (VIDEOS)

As one of Bravo's most popular shows, if not the most watched, the Real Housewives of Atlanta has a ton of fans — including many a celebrity. Among the loyal followers is Parks and Recreation actress Marietta Sirleaf, better known as simply Retta (or you may know her as Donna).

In fact, Retta is such a big fan of the Hotlanta gals that she felt a need to videotape herself watching Part 1 of the Season 6 reunion to capture her reactions on camera. To sum up her thoughts on the standoff between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart in one word: laughter.

To be fair, Retta did not share her reaction to the footage of Porsha dragging Kenya across the floor by her hair, so we're not sure if she thought that was funny or disturbing. She did post a few videos to Instagram of her reaction to the verbal battle between the women.

"What?" Retta mouthed at the camera after Porsha used some choice words to describe Kenya's, ahem, hello kitty.

Retta went on to hoot about Andy, gleefully sighing, "Andy's face!"

She also got a kick out of Porsha threatening to do certain things with Kenya's scepter.

Most people have had a fairly negative reaction to the terrible violence on the reunion, so it's refreshing to see someone focusing on the lighthearted banter instead. We're guessing her giggles came to an end once things got physical, though. There's nothing funny about two grown ladies resorting to physical force.

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