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Party Down South Cast Member Funnels Entire Bottle of Jäger — See For Yourself (VIDEO)

Did you roll out of bed this morning and think “You know what would make me feel accomplished? Downing an entire bottle of jäger through a beer bong.” No? You didn’t have that thought? You’ve never had that thought? Well there’s the reason you’re not a Party Down South cast member.

TMZ has got the footage (which you can watch in horror above) of Ryan “Daddy” Richards grabbing a funnel and proving that he will in fact consume way too much alcohol way too quickly just to prove he can (co-star Mattie Breaux reportedly egged him on). Remember, Jägermeister’s that German stuff that gave you way too many hangovers in college because it’s 70-PROOF ALCOHOL.

Thankfully, Daddy’s system was able to handle the shock of downing an entire bottle in mere seconds. Last we heard, he’s still alive. Whether he feels like he is, however, is a whole other question.

Watch the whole nauseating spectacle play out in the video above. The Party Down South folks look to be wearing as few clothes as possible (natch) as they squirreled away the hours in a hotel room somewhere. Hopefully they knew they’d have to pay for the alcohol in the mini-bar.

Source: TMZ

07.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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