If Patrick Dempsey Departs Grey’s Anatomy After Season 10, Will You Still Watch?
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Grey's Anatomy

If Patrick Dempsey Departs Grey’s Anatomy After Season 10, Will You Still Watch?

Our McDreams were crushed today when Patrick Dempsey dissed Grey’s Anatomy, saying he’s “exhausted” by “telling the same story over and over” for ten seasons. While he added that he’s “grateful” for the show and is “not necessarily bored” with it, we’re still nervous — especially given that his contract expires at the end of Season 10.

With co-showrunners and executive producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater exiting after this coming season, everything is seemingly adding up to Season 10 being the ABC medical drama’s last. However, that’s not a sure bet — with the interns upped to series regulars, even if the core original cast leaves, they could continue the show; ER went on for 15 seasons with an ever-changing cast, and Scrubs even did a cast overhaul for its final season.

With that being said, would you watch Grey’s without McDreamy? If Meredith suddenly vanished (with her monologues), would you still tune in? Shonda Rhimes and her team would still be writing the show, but taking out the biggest and most beloved cast members is a huge risk, and the dynamic would be changed forever. Though it would be interesting to see how the show worked in a potential Season 11 with a new cast, we have a feeling most of the fan base would disappear with Meredith & Co.

We could be completely off-base, though. What do you think, Grey’s fans? Would you watch without Patrick and the rest of the core cast members? Vote in the reaction buttons below!

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