Robert Pattinson Likes Dylan Penn Because She Reminds Him of K-Stew
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Likes Dylan Penn Because She Reminds Him of K-Stew

Robert Pattinson has a new gal by his side but is he really ready to move on from Kristen Stewart?

Rob is now dating Dylan Penn, and some of the main things that he likes about her are things that remind him of Kristen, according to Hollywood Life. Weird, no?

“One of the reasons Rob likes Dylan so much is because of her quirky sense of humor," a source reveals. "It’s funny because that’s what Rob liked so much about Kristen — her sense of humor."

Indeed, it sounds like Rob and Dylan have some very witty convos. "Dylan is super sharp and is quick on her feet," the source adds. "She’s very confident and comfortable in her own skin, and this is definitely a turn-on for Rob. She’s far from being meek and clingy."

And that's not the only way that Dylan reminds music-loving R-Patz of Kristen. “Rob also likes the fact that Dylan is so into music, all kinds of music,” says the source. “Like Kristen, Dylan certainly walks to the beat of her own drum.”

Apparently, Rob wasn't expecting to fall for Dylan as much as he has. “Rob hasn’t had such strong feelings for someone since Kristen,” the source says. “But he’s taking the relationship very slowly and wants to keep this new relationship out of the public eye. This really came out of left field for Rob — he wasn’t looking or expecting any kind of long term romance.”

So we're happy for Rob, and we can understand that he clearly has a type. But it's a little odd that Dylan and Kristen sound so similar. We wonder if this is a sign that he's not quite over Kristen just yet.

Translation: There's always hope, Robsten fans! Never give up.

Source: Hollywood Life