Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed to Divorce — They’ve Lived Apart For Past 6 Months (VIDEO)
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Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed to Divorce — They’ve Lived Apart For Past 6 Months (VIDEO)

It's the end of the marriage, but not the friendship or working relationship, for Twilight's Nikki Reed and American Idol's Paul McDonald.

A rep for the actress told People, "After much consideration, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are ending their marriage. They have been living separately for the past six months due to work obligations."

The rep added that they will continue to share their love of music and are still working on their debut album I'm Not Falling, which will come out this year. The title will have some extra irony now, but at least they are still "best friends."

Nikki, 25 — who starred as Rosalie in Twilight — and Paul, 29 — who took eighth place on American Idol Season 10 —met in March 2011 and got married in October of that same year.

The living separately for six months part is particularly sad to hear since, this past June, an onlooker told People Nikki and Paul looked so lovey-dovey when performing at a book launch event in West Hollywood. The witness said, "They were inseparable the whole night. She was talking about how she hates being without him. They had some PDA going on in a booth when they weren't performing. They were so clearly in love."

Where did all the love go? And why didn't they fight to close the distance. Sigh.

Are you surprised to hear of this split or are you more surprised that they made it this far?

Source: People