Porsche Celebrated Carrera Deaths Years Before Paul Walker Tragedy — Report
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Porsche Celebrated Carrera Deaths Years Before Paul Walker Tragedy — Report


Paul Walker’s fatal car crash in a Porsche may not have been a huge surprise to the luxury car company.

Shocking new emails claim Porsche employees were celebrating drivers’ deaths years before Paul’s tragedy.  

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A car company worker sent emails in 2006 revealing “as many as 200” Porsche 1280 Carrera GTs had been “totaled” in the two years since its release, TMZ reports.

Paul, 40, was a passenger in a 2005 Carrera GT at the time of his 2013 death, which means the vehicle was manufactured during the period in question.

Despite all this carnage, the unnamed employee claims these accidents were good for business for one disturbing reason.

"This would be great news to the remaining owners as the GT becomes more rare," the individual explains of the crashes in the uncovered messages.

He then allegedly proceeds to tell one alarmingly nonchalant story of a man’s horrifying collision.

"Another Carrera bites the dust as a bodyshop mechanic who claimed he was going less than 30 MPH smashed into a telephone pole,” the man says.

“Looks like he was going more than 30 to me!"

Some details of Paul’s tragic death are hauntingly similar.

The Fast & the Furious actor was in a Carrera GT when it swerved out of control and also hit a lamp post and tree, as opposed to a telephone pole.

The sports car then burst into flames with the father of one inside.

It sounds as if the Porsche employees had this kind of deadly scene in their own minds while driving the vehicles, but didn’t publicize that information.

“This is in the back of my head every time I get behind the wheel of one of these,” another individual reportedly says of the 2006 wrecks.

“It's just hidden behind the s—t-eating grin!"

The legal team for Paul’s daughter Meadow Walker, 18, isn’t taking these revelations so lightly.


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"Any ethical company would have withdrawn the car from the market,” the celeb teen’s attorney Jeffrey Milam says in the middle of their wrongful death lawsuit.

“Or, at the very least, warned the public about its dangers."

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