Paul Wesley Says There’s an “Unresolved Bromance Between Stefan and Klaus”
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Says There’s an “Unresolved Bromance Between Stefan and Klaus”

Now that The Originals is up and running, we’re starting to get some crossover with its origin show, The Vampire Diaries. This week, TVD’s Tyler visited New Orleans and Klaus will be making his own trip back to Mystic Falls. Could Stefan (Paul Wesley) be next? Paul talked to TV Fanatic about the prospect!

Though there are no plans as of yet to have Stefan appear on The Originals, Paul seems excited about the chance. “I think there’s an unresolved bromance between Stefan and Klaus that I think was really short, in my opinion,” Paul said. “They really cut it short, and I thought it was very unfortunate because I think they had really cool stuff in the 1920s flashbacks, and then it was like, ‘Bam.’ It just ended. I think that they had a really interesting thing going for a minute, and for some reason the writers did not want to pursue that. So, it would be nice to do that.”

Paul actually makes some good points. After listening to his argument, we are interested in seeing more Klaus/Stefan interaction at some point in the TVD-verse — though, perhaps, not until The Originals is even further grounded in its own setting and mythology. Tyler’s appearance in New Orleans was helpful because not only does he have an important history with Klaus, but he is a minor enough character in the TVD-verse that his appearance on The Originals wasn’t jarring or distracting. For now, we think Stefan’s presence in New Orleans would be too much.

Paul expounded further on his fascination with the Klaus/Stefan dynamic. “That’s what I loved about the flashbacks: I felt like they really had feelings — unsexual — for one another,” said Paul. “Really, just like a strong bond. And I thought it was so interesting that he was the Big Baddie, and I hated him so much when, all of a sudden, he brought back this memory and was like, ‘Do you remember when we were friends?’ And I thought it would kind of make Stefan go over to the dark side.” There’s still time for Stefan’s corruption, Paul! Klaus hasn’t exactly been making any leaps and bounds in the redemption department…

Would you like to see Stefan on The Originals? Are you hoping for a Stefan/Klaus scene when Klaus visits Mystic Falls later this season? Sound off in the comments below!

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