Paul Wesley Finally Chooses Between Delena and Stelena — And You’ll Be Surprised By His Choice!
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Finally Chooses Between Delena and Stelena — And You’ll Be Surprised By His Choice!

Stop the presses, Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) has finally weighed in on the heated Stelena vs. Delena debate! When asked on Mobio INsider which Vampire Diaries coupling did the actor choose? His answer may surprise you!

Paul’s choice: Stelijah! That’s right, the TVDer is rooting for the sadly underplayed potential bromance between Stefan and Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies), the latter of whom now earns his keep on TVD spinoff, The Originals. Shows apart, it seems like Paul’s chosen coupling stands little chance of working out. Or, you know, being in the same scene.

This isn’t the first time Paul has lamented the loss of a Stefan/Elijah dynamic. In November, he ranted about the “unresolved bromance” between Stefan and Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) “They really cut it short, and I thought it was very unfortunate because I think they had really cool stuff in the 1920s flashbacks, and then it was like, ‘Bam.’ It just ended. I think that they had a really interesting thing going for a minute, and for some reason the writers did not want to pursue that. So, it would be nice to do that.” Agreed. Maybe it’s time Stefan made his way to New Orleans?

But back to the original question! How might Paul’s on-screen counterpart answer the Delena vs Stelena ultimatum? Well, while Stefan obviously still has feelings for Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), it sounds like he might be giving his big brother some good breakup advice when TVD returns with its 100th episode later this month. “Going forward, the 100th episode will revisit this fight that they had, this break-up, and [Damon]’s going to get some good brotherly advice that will push him in the right direction,” executive producer Caroline Dries teased.

We think that means Stefan will be encouraging Damon to work things out with Elena. What? Stranger things have happened.

Where do you fall in the Delena vs. Stelena debate? Are you also a Stelijah fan? Would you be for a Stefan crossover to The Originals? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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