Paul Wesley Talks Directing Season 5, Episode 18: “I Was Definitely Nervous”
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Talks Directing Season 5, Episode 18: “I Was Definitely Nervous”

Paul Wesley has momentarily handed in his fangs so that he can go to SXSW to promote his new film, Before I Disappear — but, of course, The Vampire Diaries wasn’t far from the talented dude’s mind. The actor-turned-director even opened up about his nerves over directing Season 5, Episode 18 of the hit CW show.

“I was definitely nervous and I didn’t know how I would be received, but it was really a heart-warming thing to see my cast wanting me to do well,” Paul told Collider. “They all came in and knew their lines. They wanted me to do well, and I wanted them to do well. I wanted to make them look good, and they wanted to make me look good. It was a really wonderful experience. I was so appreciative of everyone. The crew and the cast really wanted me to have a good experience, and it was very touching.”

Paul also opened up about how this opportunity was just a stepping stone into his real dream: directing a feature film!

“TV is a whole other beast, and I want to continue directing television,” Paul continued. “But definitely, once my show wraps up, which will be relatively soon, I’m going to direct a feature, for sure. I just need to organically be able to create it, and have the time to do it. And I’m learning.”

We have to admit that while we love watching Paul play Stefan Salvatore, we also love hearing him gush about his directorial dreams. But just how did Paul balance directing his own episode while also starring in it?

“I had a bunch of scenes in my episode, so I did have to direct myself,” Paul said. “I knew what I wanted to do, emotionally, with my character, so it was a matter of whether the shot was framed up the right away.”

Sounds like a pro already.

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