Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Weighs in on Fight Scenes vs. Romantic Scenes
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Weighs in on Fight Scenes vs. Romantic Scenes

As a main cast member on the supernatural horror romance The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) gets to his share of both fighting and romancing. Which does he prefer? The TVDer weighed in on Mobio Insider.

When asked if he preferred kicking or kissing, Paul replied: “That of course depends on who i have to be romantic with....” Ha! We would think it might also depend on who he has to fight with, too.

Paul had a fair share of both kinds of scene in Season 5. Some highlights include: his throwdown with Enzo that ended in Enzo’s death, getting stuck inside a vault with Katherine, and his shared romantic vision with Elena (which Paul also gets points for directing). And, wherever you may fall on the Steroline-as-romantic debate, you have to admit the scene between Stefan and Caroline snuggling in the back of that abandoned stationwagon was pretty darn sweet. Looking at that list, we’re beginning to think Stefan needs more action-based scenes.

As for who Paul might want to film romantic scenes with, both he and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) have always pulled for some more bromantic moments between Klaus and Stefan, and we’re totally on board with it, even if it has become more complicated with JoMo’s transition to his own spin-off. At the 2014 Peoples Choice Awards, Paul named Joseph as the star Stefan should date, and has previously given an interview about the “unresolved bromance between Stefan and Klaus.” Bring Klaus and Stefan’s crossover bromance!

Do you prefer action, romance, or both? Who do you want to see Stefan getting romantic with (or fighting against, for that matter)? Sound off in the comments below!

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