Paul Wesley Reveals Which Death Was the Toughest on The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Reveals Which Death Was the Toughest on The Vampire Diaries

With the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries set to air Thursday, the cast of TVD is taking the time to reflect back on the last five seasons of death, drama, and romance. Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) chatted with TV Guide about his favorite on-screen moments from the last 99 episodes.

Favorite episode

There have been so many memorable episodes, scenes, and moments in TVD’s series run thus far (and, hopefully, many more to come), but which episode did Paul call his absolute favorite? That would be Season 3, Episode 3 (“The End of the Affair”). You may remember it as the glitzy, glamorous flashback episode to 1920s when Klaus narrates the good times he had in Chicago with Stefan “The Ripper” Salvatore and sister Rebekah. The vampires were young, footloose, and fancy free — and, apparently, extremely entertaining to watch. Good choice, Paul!

Favorite kill

“The Ripper” has had quite a few kills in his time. Which does Paul count as his favorite? That would be the time Stefan killed two country girls upon Klaus’ orders in Season 3, Episode 1 (“The Birthday”): “It was pretty awesome when he ripped those girls' heads off and left them on the couch,” said Paul. “That was pretty exciting [and] really good for us to show to young kids.”

Saddest death

As for the saddest death of all time? Paul apparently gets the most choked up about Aunt Jenna’s untimely demise. Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian was killed by Klaus in Season 2, Episode 21 (“The Sun Also Rises”), and it was pretty heartbreaking. “She was a series regular, so that was a tough one,” he said. We totally agree. Aunt Jenna made our list of saddest TVD deaths of all time. Don’t worry, Paul! We’re seeing her again in the 100th episode.

Favorite flashback

TVD is known for its use of the flashback to tell the backstory of its centuries-old vampires, and we’ve made our own list of the best flashback episodes of all time. But which flashbacks does Paul call his favorite? Although he reiterated his regard for the ‘20s flashbacks, he also has though the flashback spent in Civil War time “was really cool.” Agreed. Anything to get the Salvatores in cravats!

What is your favorite episode, kill, and flashback? And which death do you consider the saddest? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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