Paul Wesley Wants Stefan and Caroline to Have “Sexy Time” in Season 6
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Wants Stefan and Caroline to Have “Sexy Time” in Season 6

Just in case you missed it, The Vampire Diaries was hinting heavy at the Steroline in the Season 5 finale. How does Paul Wesley feel about the potential upcoming romance between his on-screen counterpart Stefan and bestie Caroline (Candice Accola)? The TVD actor weighed into Just Jared Jr. on the subject.

“They should get together and have a nice sexy time,” Paul told the site. That’s pretty definitive support of Steroline turning romantic — which is particularly interesting given that, though Caroline’s feelings for Stefan have been somewhat defined, we’re still not sure how Stefan feels about Caroline. He seemed genuinely surprised when Lexi suggest he and Caroline date. Then again, maybe he was just distracted by their seemingly imminent forever-death?

As for how Elena might feel about a romantic development between ex-boyfriend Stefan and best friend Caroline, Paul went on to say that he doesn’t think Elena has any right to be upset. (Though, there is admittedly a difference between having “the right” and feeling something regardless.) As far as Paul sees it: “It’s all very ancestral. Everyone’s hooked up with everyone. Stefan and Damon probably hooked up.” (Whoa.)

Steroline seems to be a planned focus for Season 6. Executive producer Julie Plec told TV Guide that there was a scene cut from the Season 5 finale that had Caroline accepting her feelings for Stefan: “The one thing we know pretty clearly is that Caroline, in her heart of hearts, is starting to accept she has feelings for Stefan. In fact, we cut a scene in the finale where that was even more clear. I think she's finally admitting it to herself, losing him woke that up in her, the question is will Stefan reciprocate those feelings? That's what we'll have to explore in Season 6 and see where we go.”

That being said, don’t expect Caroline and Stefan to be all up for exploring their potentially romantic feelings for one another come the beginning of Season 6. Julie told Entertainment Weekly: “I think people will actually be surprised by how each of those three have individually handled the tragedy that they’ve had to face. In the beginning of the season, it’s really about trying for all these friends to find their way back to each other, as opposed to having set the stage for any romantic entanglements. If anything, they’ve disentangled briefly from each other. Part of the journey of the first part of the season is, if we can’t stay close and have each other and be here for each other, then what’s the point? We don’t have anything.”

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