Paul Wesley Wants Stefan Salvatore to Date Joseph Morgan?! (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Wants Stefan Salvatore to Date Joseph Morgan?! (VIDEO)

Who does Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley most want his on-screen, hero-haired counterpart Stefan Salvatore to go on a date with? Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from The Originals, of course. We’re just going to assume this would be everyone’s answer.

The revelation came as part of a People’s Choice Awards’ “Against the Clock” video, which has Paul answering rapid-fire questions for 30 seconds. Yes, it’s as adorable as you might think. In addition to his Stefan/Klaus shipping, he named Daniel Gillies (Elijah) as the co-star who most often makes him break character and who he sees the most off-set. This makes our hearts melt a little bit. We think Paul may secretly (or not so secretly) be looking for an excuse to hang out on The Originals set. (Maybe he should direct an episode?)

This isn’t the first time Paul has expressed regret that the relationship between Klaus and Stefan could not be explored in greater depth. Last November, he dished about the “unresolved bromance between Stefan and Klaus.”

“I think there’s an unresolved bromance between Stefan and Klaus that I think was really short, in my opinion,” Paul said. “They really cut it short, and I thought it was very unfortunate because I think they had really cool stuff in the 1920s flashbacks, and then it was like, ‘Bam.’ It just ended. I think that they had a really interesting thing going for a minute, and for some reason the writers did not want to pursue that. So, it would be nice to do that.”

Well, never say never. There’s always a chance that Stefan could make his way over to The Originals or vice versa. Given that both are leading characters on their respective shows, we wouldn’t say the possibility is high — and we doubt if they’d be able to stick around long enough to explore their relationship in-depth — but you never know!

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