The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Dishes on Stefan’s Upcoming Separate Storyline (VIDEO)

If you’ve been waiting to see Stefan Salvatore as a hermit, Season 6 is going to make you extremely happy. In the aftermath of the emotional Season 5 finale, viewers will find everyone dealing with the deaths of Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) in their own way. What does Paul Wesley preview for Stefan?

“Stefan kind of goes off and does his own storyline that’s out of Mystic Falls,” Paul told HitFix at Comic-Con recently. “That’s kind of his story for the season — at least for the first few episodes.”

We’re glad to hear that Stefan’s antisocial behavior probably won't be away from the action for very long. He might be gone for a few episodes, but we bet he’ll be making his way back into the action when things start to heat up.

As for the other shenanigans that Paul was up to at Comic-Con this year? Celebrating his birthday (after the fact), of course! Not only did Paul get a special kiss from his bro Ian, but former TVD co-star Daniel Gillies led a lively rendition of “Happy Birthday” during the panel for The Originals. Too bad they were all just too little too late for the 32-year-old actor’s actual birthday.