Why Did The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto Break Up?
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The Vampire Diaries

Why Did The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto Break Up?

The second batch of sad Vampire Diaries relationship news broke when stars Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto filed for divorce earlier this month after two years of marriage.

The relatively private couple hasn’t spoken out about their split yet, but rumors have swirled about why they broke up, especially given how happy they looked in recent months. Apparently it was amicable, but we still have a lot of questions.

To help uncover the reasons behind their breakup, we’ve rounded up all the rumors about their divorce. Read on for some of the reported reasons why they are no longer together, then hit the comments with your own theories.

Their relationship was hard to maintain. Though the question wasn’t directly about his personal life, Paul did talk about how “maintaining a love story is a lot of work” on The Vampire Diaries. A reporter noted that it’s hard in real life, too. “No sh...” Paul started to reply, which we’re guessing meant ‘no s—t.” Perhaps their work schedules got the best of them.

They weren’t spending a lot of time together. Given that Pretty Little Liars films in Los Angeles and The Vampire Diaries films in Atlanta, work had the couple on opposite coasts almost constantly. Recently, they didn’t attend as many events together (including 2013 Comic-Con) and Torrey wasn’t spotted in any of his birthday party photos.

Generally, they put work first. Everything seems to point to Paul and Torrey just being too busy for a relationship. They are both big TV stars (Torrey is on two shows) and are trying to balance filming movies and having time for themselves. Post-breakup, Torrey headed to Africa for possible humanitarian work, which she definitely wouldn’t have had time for if they were still together.

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