Credit: Splash News, Monika Emara on Twitter

Some things never change — and sometimes that’s for a good reason. Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley was spotted out and about in New York City this past weekend rocking a beanie and just yesterday, his sister Monika tweeted an adorable photo of baby Paul rocking an oh-so-similar look.

As you can tell, Paul has been adorable pretty much since birth, and he’s been sporting a beanie from an early age. Just look at how Paul is balancing out that massive amount of denim with that little red toboggan — not to mention his little cherub cheeks.

And hey, he’s even wearing a similar outfit in the Big Apple as he was wearing in the throwback pic, though he has traded in the vibrant red hat for a subtler version. Side note: too bad he lost those pinchable cheeks.

It’s good to see that Paul is free to roam around as he pleases considering his on-screen persona, Stefan Salvatore, was locked up in an underwater prison drowning over and over again all summer. And let’s not even mention the fact that his doppelganger, Silas, is an evil warlock who has some serious issues he needs to work out.

We just love how Paul knows what look works for him and isn’t afraid to cover up those amazing locks of hair — just let your hair down every once in a while, OK Paul?

What do you think about Paul as a beanie baby and as a strapping 31-year-old? Hit the comments and let us know!

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