It’s a spooktacular Halloween and no one knows that better than Paul Wesley. While on The Vampire Diaries set this afternoon, he snapped a photo of a creepy and familiar costume: Frank from Donnie Darko. So, who’s behind the costume?

Unfortunately, we may never know. This could be Paul all dressed up with someone snapping a photo or him, or perhaps another cast member.

“We like to keep things very professional here on set,” he captioned the pic, in which Frank is staring straight at him with his creepy skull head. (For those unfamiliar with the 2001 film, Frank is a large rabbit whom Jake Gyllenhaal’s titular character, Donnie Darko, sees throughout the movie.) A cameraman is right next to him, but likely not filming unless the costume is part of the episode. Seems like more of a behind-the-scenes pic to us.

Since then, Paul hasn’t responded to any tweets of fans asking questions about the costume and him in general, but he’s not the most active TVD star, so we’ll let it slide. We’d like to think that maybe he is going as co-star and bestie Ian Somerhalder this year — remember when Ian dressed as Paul last year? It was beyond epic. We’d love to see the tables turn this year!

What do you think of the Donnie Darko costume? Do you wish it was Jake Gyllenhaal in a hoodie instead? Sound off below!

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