X Factor 2013: How Much Does Judge Paulina Rubio Make?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: How Much Does Judge Paulina Rubio Make?

Most people sit at a desk for a living, but few get to sit at a desk, judge people, and make millions in the process. Not that we’re exactly envious of the X Factor quartet of judges Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, and Paulina Rubio. Crushing the dreams of wannabe superstars can’t be easy.

So how much does a fledgling reality TV judge like Paulina, who is joining the show as a new judge this season, make? The Latin American superstar may not be a household name in the United States (yet) but she’s got plenty of pop culture cred. Enough, in fact, to give the X Factor reason to pay her a reported $1.5 million.

As if that figure didn’t give you 1.5 million reasons to rip up your college degree and break out the karaoke set, we should note that Paulina’s salary is actually on the low side for the show. Veteran judge Demi makes an estimate $500,000 more, while one of the celebrities Paulina and fellow newbie Kelly are replacing — the one, the only Britney Spears — raked in an estimated $15 million. That’s a one and a five, no period.

If you’re still with us, dear reader, you might want to sit down at this point because that’s not even the highest salary at the table. Nope, that honor goes to the former American Idol bad boy Simon who takes home an estimated $75 to 90 million per season. Clearly, that trademark English snark doesn’t come cheap.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter