Pauly D’s Christmas Wish: Another Visit with Daughter! — Exclusive
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Instagram    

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Pauly D’s Christmas Wish: Another Visit with Daughter! — Exclusive

Since meeting his six month-old baby girl, Ambella, for the very first time earlier this month, Pauly D hasn’t stopped gushing about her. “It was amazing,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment at the Nov. 21 F*ck Cancer event in NYC. “I knew right away she was mine. She looks just like me – same big eyes, same mouth. It was so exciting. I was nervous, but once I saw her, it all went away.”

Now, he can’t wait to see her again. And while it won’t happen by Thanksgiving, he’s hoping and praying it will happen over Christmas.

“We’re working on that now,” Pauly tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “I really want it to happen in time for the holidays – hopefully it will. I’d love to get her either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.”

Unfortunately, seeing her isn’t as easy as Pauly would like, especially since his relationship with Ambella’s mother is so contentious, he’s turned to the court system to make sure he’s granted regular visitation.

“I want to see her as much as possible,” Pauly said of his little girl. “But it’s a process.”

Here’s hoping he gets his Christmas wish and Ambella gets to spend some time with her dad this holiday season!