Pauly D Is a Dad! His Best Quotes on Kids, Parents, and Parenthood
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Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio

Pauly D Is a Dad! His Best Quotes on Kids, Parents, and Parenthood

Sunrise, sunset! Children grow up, every one of us will someday die, and Pauly D is a father. Not just a father, but a father to a daughter. Apparently, a woman he met in Las Vegas in 2012 gave birth to a little girl named Amabella a few months ago, and half of her genes came from the man with the iron hair.

Now, you may be curious about Pauly D and parenting, but he isn't just about his Jersey Shore persona, although admittedly, party-town DJ Pauly D came up with some amazing quips.

Read on for a side of Pauly D just a little deeper than "what's in a real boob?"!

On His Mom

When asked by a fan on Twitter who his idol and inspiration is, Pauly D gave this short and oh-so-sweet response.

On Diapers

In 2012, Snooki was Pauly D's main excuse to talk about baby stuff. Now, when Pauly D discovers the most obnoxious diaper on the planet, he can just buy it for himself, and hashtag #DaddyPaulyD, or, even better, #DJPaulyDad.

On Terrifying Childbirth Nightmares

Thankfully, when Pauly D found out he was a dad, his daughter, Amabella, had already been born. Otherwise, who knows what nightmare scenarios he'd be tweeting about!

On Being Parented

Watch out, Pauly D! Someday when Amabella's all grown, you're going to have to watch her Twitter (or whatever they're using in 2030 — pagers?) in case she needs some chicken soup. Better start crafting that recipe now!

On Becoming a Parent

This is when we knew Pauly D was ready to be a dad — back in the Jersey Shore days, he imagined he and Snooki's little, bouffanted children.

“In a weird Snookers world, me and Snookers would make the best little guidos and guidettes. Little poofs and blowouts on our little kids.”

What will Amabella's poof be like when she's all grown up? Are you shocked that Pauly D is a dad? Let us know in the comments!

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