Skrillex Has “Never” Seen Pauly D’s DJ Skills
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Skrillex Has “Never” Seen Pauly D’s DJ Skills

It’s been a long road for Pauly D, but it really seems like he is climbing to the tip top of the DJing world.

He’s been out touring with the Backstreet Boys this summer, he has toured with Britney Spears, and he has made the Forbes "Highest Paid DJs List" for two years in a row. We seriously couldn't be prouder for Pauly and his massive success.

TMZ caught up with Skrillex, another hugely popular DJ, at JFK International Airport recently and asked him what he thought about Paris Hilton’s skills as a DJ… and if he thought she had more skills than Pauly D.

Skrillex played nice, saying he hasn't seen Paris DJ before, but he definitely didn't diss her. And what about Pauly D? “See, I’ve never seen him DJ, either. I think Pauly D’s been DJing longer, so it’s hard to say.”

Not a rave review, but not exactly a diss, either. We appreciate Skrillex’s honesty — if he’s never seen Pauly perform before, then how can he have an opinion? Maybe he should catch one of BSB’s shows on the “In a World Like This” tour and find out what Pauly’s made of.

Have you seen Pauly D on tour? The Backstreet Boys tour isn't lasting forever, make sure you don't miss him!

Source: TMZ