Pauly D Promises New Stalkers, More Girls on Jersey Shore Season 6
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Pauly D Promises New Stalkers, More Girls on Jersey Shore Season 6

Geez, how many stalkers can one incredibly hot DJ have in one lifetime?

In an interview with MTV, Jersey Shore’s Pauly D previews the upcoming Season 6 (which premieres on October 4), and he promises that, despite being the only single roommate left, “There’s girls.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to smush with all of them.

Most fans will remember Pauly’s most recent stalker from Season 5, Vanessa. She had a habit of wearing trucker hats and t-shirts with her favorite DJ’s name emblazoned on them. Her stalking process included wearing her Pauly get-ups, standing outside the Shore Store while he was working, and staring. Just staring, but never actually speaking to him.

But Vanessa will have company in Season 6. “[Fans will see] a little bit of everything that you're used to,” says Pauly. “I got stalkers coming out of the woodwork. You're gonna see all that. There's girls."

We just hope these new stalkers are as tough as Vanessa, who bravely soldiered through a confrontation from JWOWW last season. Plus, we know that Vanessa was spotted back in Seaside during filming of Season 6 this summer. Can the new girls handle that? We’ll be watching!

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