Pauly D Teases Big Return to TV, Wants to Be the Next Ryan Seacrest — Exclusive
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Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio

Pauly D Teases Big Return to TV, Wants to Be the Next Ryan Seacrest — Exclusive

Can you believe that Jersey Shore has been off the air since 2012? Though we’re still lucky enough to have JWOWW and Snooki’s adorable, pregnant selves grace our screens in their MTV spin-off, the rest of the fist-pumping, Ron-Ron juice swilling gang has been elsewhere. But not for long, as everyone’s spiky-haired DJ Pauly D is headed back to television very soon!

The uber-busy disk jockey broke the news to Wetpaint Entertainment when we caught up with him recently. Pauly shared that, in addition to having a record in the works for 50 Cent’s G-Unit label, he’s got a major TV announcement coming soon! Read on to find out more, and to learn which of his Jersey Shore cast members he talks to every day.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve been bouncing around quite a bit between your residencies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. How do you handle it all?

Pauly D: It was an adjustment doing all that travel because you can never get a routine with the gym and stuff like that, but I love it. I love being a traveling DJ, so you just deal with it. I have a house in Las Vegas, I try to spend most of my time out west now. I go to L.A. a lot. But my family’s back east, so I also have a place in Rhode Island.

Do you have any time for a personal life?

I focus on work, but hopefully the personal life is supposed to come along with it. But it hasn’t yet, so I’m still single and looking.

We spoke with Christina Milian recently and she mentioned you have done some specials for E! together. What’s coming up with that?

There have been a few specials with she and I. They like our chemistry, so they’re using us for a few more specials in the works. It’s cool to be the go-to person for those specials, and I guess she’s the go-to girl for those, as well.

Speaking of TV, will we see you back on reality TV anytime soon?

I don’t know about reality, but I am working on some TV stuff that will be announced very soon. It’s sort of like hosting.

Any other projects on the horizon?

I have my own tanning lotion, so i’ve been promoting that a bunch, and my headphones line with 50 Cent. I also have my own REMIX Cocktails that we have in liquor stores all over the world, and in Wal Mart, as well.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Is there anyone you’d like to model your career after?

DJ-wise it was always DJ AM, I loved his style. He passed away when I started the first season of Jersey Shore but I’d met him before I was even on television — great guy, so talented. I’d like to model my DJ career on that. But life, I’d like to model around like Ryan Seacrest. He’s got his own radio show, he hosts everything. But add a DJ twist.

We have to ask: Have you seen any of the other cast members from Jersey Shore recently?

Yes. Vinny came to Atlantic City recently when I was doing the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s. He was there to show some support, show some love. We keep in contact pretty much daily. I talk to everybody, actually. I just haven’t seen all of them as much as I’ve seen Vinny.

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