Pauly D’s Baby Mama Amanda Markert Speaks Out About Custody Battle
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Pauly D’s Baby Mama Amanda Markert Speaks Out About Custody Battle

While rumor has it that Pauly D is facing a custody battle over his five-month-old daughter Amabella, the girl’s mother says she hopes the two parents can come to an agreement peacefully.

Amanda Markert, the mother of Pauly D’s baby girl with whom the DJ had a one-night stand in Las Vegas, recently spoke to TMZ about Pauly’s concerns over her past and her parenting. The mom-of-two said she would accept co-parenting she just doesn’t want her daughter taken away.

“I would hope that no one would ever want to take an infant away from her mother, and I’m hoping that she can have two parents in her life that can get along together,” she said.

When asked about Pauly’s reported claim that Amanda is an unfit mother because she once worked at Hooters and already has another toddler to take care of, the hostess responded that she has been successfully raising Amabella for five months now.

“It makes me sad that he would say that because I have been raising Anabella now for five months on my own and she is a beautiful, happy little girl [who is] very healthy,” Amanda said. “As for the places that I’ve worked, I worked at Hooters seven years ago. I’m in school fulltime and raising two children and I actually don’t plan on going back to work until I graduate next semester.”

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Source: TMZ