Pauly D’s Stalker Vanessa Ellis Gets Her Own TV Show? (VIDEO)
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Pauly D’s Stalker Vanessa Ellis Gets Her Own TV Show? (VIDEO)

You may remember her as the obsessive girl decked out in Pauly D apparel back in Season 5 of Jersey Shore, otherwise known as “Pauly D’s stalker.” Her real name is Vanessa Sky Ellis, and Pauly isn’t the only celebrity she follows adamantly...she’s a professional celebrity stalker!

That’s right, Vanessa plans many of her days around celebrity schedules, and has documented encounters with the likes of Cher, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars and many, many others. And of course, one of her favorite celebs is Pauly D, who she has admitted to be being really obsessed with, having spent the summer when Season 5 was filming staking out spots in Seaside to watch and photograph her favorite guido.

Although JWOWW eventually confronted Vanessa over her creepy ways, Pauly was reasonably freaked out and mostly tried to avoid her most of the time. But just when Pauly thought he was finally rid of her watchful gaze forever, he recently learned some eerie news: she’s getting her own TV show!

“My Stalker Got a Show lol,” Pauly recently tweeted. He included the hashtags “#WelcomeToMyLife” and #”ToldYouItWasReal”, which soon became trending topics. We never doubted you, Pauly, but at least you’re safely away from the public eye in Seaside now.

According to Yahoo! News, 25-year old Vanessa Ellis will show off her stalker ways in an upcoming episode of TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession”, part of which you can watch below. Apparently she spends at least 8 hours every day on the hunt for celebrities, and has managed to grab over 10,000 autographs and pictures over the last 7 years. She spends her nights working as a bartender so she can spend her days tracking down celebs in NYC.

Vanessa even admitted that celebrity spotting is more important to her than having a boyfriend, going to work and well...doing much of anything else.

Watch the video clip below, then tell us what you think of Pauly’s stalker getting her own TV special on TLC!

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