Pedro Pascal’s Emmy Snub: 3 Reasons We’re Mad
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Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal’s Emmy Snub: 3 Reasons We’re Mad

The Emmy nominations for 2014 have been announced, and even though Game of Thrones leads the way with 19 nominations, we can’t help but feel that they should have an even 20 because Pedro Pascal, was not nominated for his performance as Oberyn Martell. This is almost a bigger tragedy than his character’s fight against the Mountain. Here are the three biggest reasons we’re upset.

He took Oberyn from a fan favorite to THE fan favorite. Oberyn was a popular character from the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but Pedro’s version of Oberyn was everyone on Earth’s favorite character. He was charming, dangerous, sexy, funny, and amazing in every way. Even though he was only around for eight episodes, his death caused more grief than possibly any character who died before him, and that’s saying something.

He went out spectacularly. Can you think of a more memorable death from a TV show this year? No, no you can’t. Oberyn’s fight against the Mountain was incredible. His athleticism in the scene was something to behold, and the emotional weight behind it was staggering. Couple these with the grotesque way the fight ended, and you have one, if not the, most talked about scenes of any show in 2014. How does that not earn Pedro an Emmy nomination?

He had a lot on his shoulders. Oberyn was the first Dornish character we’ve met on the show, with a whole slew coming in Season 5, so it was up to Pedro to introduce us to an entire new culture. The Dornish accent, attitudes, mentality Pedro had to convey all of these things to the viewer simultaneously while also incorporating Oberyn’s unique personality traits and motivations. That’s a lot to ask of an actor, and Pedro could not have done it any better.

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