Peeping Tom Surprises Mother and Daughter From Behind the Sewage Grate [UPDATE]
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Peeping Tom Surprises Mother and Daughter From Behind the Sewage Grate [UPDATE]

Update: Tulsa World reports that Enslow pleaded guilty in Tulsa County District Court on to a misdemeanor violation of the peeping Tom statute and was sentenced to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

We remember hearing stories of the creeps who bring cameras to the mall to take video up girls’ skirts in the crowded stores and walkways, and ever since then, we’ve been slightly paranoid about lurking peeping toms. Much to our horror, this story of a mother and daughter scared to death by a man peering up at them from the sewage grate in a public bathroom has us back on high alert.

"It's like he was just sitting down in the water just wading. It's not something you expect to see whenever you're wanting to go to the restroom," Ambra Reynolds told KJRH, according to Sky News.

The mother of two called the police on the man as soon as she managed to trip out of the bathroom with her kids, frightened. Fire department officials then “fished” the man out of the sewer, hosed him off, and took him to a local hospital for a physical and mental exam.

The man, 52-year-old Kenneth Enslow, reportedly told police that he had been thrown into the sewer by his girlfriend who had hit him over the head with a tire iron. Tulsa County Sheriff's Major Shannon Clark said that they found no injuries consistent with this story.

Enslow will appear in court on July 15 and faces one year in jail, plus a $5,000 fine.

Source: Sky News

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07.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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