Simon Cowell Faces $50K Penalty in Lauren Silverman Divorce Settlement
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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Faces $50K Penalty in Lauren Silverman Divorce Settlement

Think things are peachy-keen between Simon Cowell, his baby mama, Lauren Silverman, and her ex-husband and his (ex?) best bud, Andrew Silverman? New details from Lauren and Andrew’s divorce settlement would seem to suggest otherwise.

According to a TMZ report, Simon faces a stiff penalty — $50,000! — if he gets anywhere near Lauren and Andy’s seven-year-old son, Adam.

If Lauren violates the, as TMZ terms it, “Simon stay-away clause” three times before it expires in January 2015, she will be kept from her son until the court addresses the violations.

As anti-Simon as this agreement may seem, Andrew’s got his own stiff rules to follow. He “cannot trash Simon to Adam,” reports TMZ, and “has a legal obligation to make sure no one else around him talks smack.” In that case, better keep the kid away from Demi Lovato, too.

Both parents have reportedly agreed to instruct Adam to not call anyone but them “mother” and “father,” a detail that seems to acknowledge that Simon may be a new dad soon but he won’t ever be Adam’s “real” father.

Now to talk figures. Andrew, who’s a multi-millionaire just like Simon, agreed to pay Lauren $3,000 a month in child support. The couple also agreed to change the listed cause of divorce from adultery to “broken down irretrievably,” so that’s something.

Source: TMZ

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