Penny Dreadful: Which Demon Possessed Vanessa Ives in “Séance”?
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Penny Dreadful: Which Demon Possessed Vanessa Ives in “Séance”?

At this point we just want to start throwing Emmys at Eva Green’s face. Her performance on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful so far this season — though just two episodes in — has been utterly haunting. Season 1, Episode 2 (“Séance”) saw Vanessa Ives (Eva’s character) get possessed by a spirit when partygoers at Dorian Gray’s (Reeve Carney) home decided to call upon the dead in a spooky ritual. But which spirit inhabited her body? We speculate below!

Sir Malcolm’s Dead Son, Peter

During the titular séance, performed by Madame Kali (Helen McCrory), we learned some shocking information about Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) and his shortcomings as a father. The spirits were not very happy with the distinguished gentleman, with the spirit of his son Peter coming to the forefront and tearing into dear ol’ dad. We learn that Sir Malcolm left Peter behind to go out on an adventure while Peter lay dying of dysentery.

With Sir Malcolm out on a quest to rescue his daughter, it’s a little disheartening to learn that he was anything less than Father of the Year to Peter. Perhaps his kid has possessed Vanessa in attempts to seek out revenge on his father. This is a long shot, but it would definitely propel Sir Malcolm’s storyline forward.


One very likely possibility as to who or what inhabited Vanessa’s body during the séance is Amunet, a primordial goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion. One good indicator is the name Amunet itself, which means “the female hidden one.” When depicted, Amunet is usually seen wearing the Red Crown and carrying a staff of papyrus. She is the goddess of air and invisibility and she has close ties to other Egyptian gods and goddesses, so there’s definitely a creep factor here.

Let’s take a minute to think back to the hieroglyphs on the undercoating of the vampire we have seen in the first two episodes. IGN’s recap of “Séance” brings up the fact that we know the carvings refer to Amunet and link the origins of whatever undead, vampiric monsters we’re dealing with to Ancient Egypt — so this would only help support the speculation that Vanessa was possessed by Amunet. It’s not 100 percent yet, but this is perhaps the best option.

A Random Demon

Then again, there are a million other demonic forms that could have possessed Vanessa. Peter and Amunet are great options, but given the entire database of demonology, there are tons of possibilities. Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? There was a new demon every week and tons of books the Scooby Gang used to sniff out a potential threat. Given the various types of demons out there in the universe, this could be anything from an incubus to a notorious big bad that has taken over Vanessa’s body.

Who or what do you think took over Vanessa’s body? Did you love the spooky scene? Hit the comments and speculate!

Penny Dreadful airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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