The Biggest 2014 People’s Choice Awards Nomination Snubs: Whose Fans Let Them Down?
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The Biggest 2014 People’s Choice Awards Nomination Snubs: Whose Fans Let Them Down?

The People's Choice Awards are tricky when it comes to righteous indignation. Sure, it's always super sad to see your favorite star, movie, or TV show go without a nomination, but with the PCAs, it's a lonelier feeling. The people choose the nominees and winners, after all, and you are people!

The people have spoken, but there are definitely some stars and shows we're super surprised didn't make the cut.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are such a rabid fan base that they got a nomination of their own in the "Music Fan Following" category — so why didn't their monster queen get nominated for Favorite Pop Artist?

Rihanna: While Justin Timberlake got a nomination for both Favorite Pop Artist and Favorite R&B Artist, Rihanna was left with only the R&B nom — even though one could argue she's more of a pop musician.

The Walking Dead's Female Cast: Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes got nominated for both Anti-Hero and Sci-Fi/Fantasy actor, but the powerful women in The Walking Dead — including Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, and Melissa McBride — would all have been amazing choices.

Norman Reedus: The women of TWD weren't the only actors to get overlooked; you'd think Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon, would have made Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor, since this is an awards show for fan favorites and all.

Amy Poehler: We will never know how Amy Poehler didn't make the Favorite Comedic TV Actress section — the Saturday Night Live alum is the cornerstone of NBC's current comedy lineup.

Ravenswood: While Pretty Little Liars is highly decorated in the People's Choice nominations, its creepy spinoff Ravenswood was left in the dust. It's possible that it didn't make the New TV Series categories because it's a spin-off — but it's mysteriously absent from Cable Drama, too.

Breaking Bad: One of the most critically acclaimed shows ever, Breaking Bad, is recent enough for its lead character Walter White (Bryan Cranston) to be up for a Favorite Anti-Hero award. But instead of competing against its cable drama brethren, the show itself was left to die in Favorite Series We Miss Most.

Eastbound and Down: We're still scratching our heads that Californication, which demands immediate showers after watching, got a Favorite Premium Cable series nomination, while the consistently funny Eastbound and Down didn't get a nomination for its last season, which is currently in progress. It didn't even get a Shows We'll Miss nomination.

Who do you think got snubbed at this year's People's Choice Awards? Vote below, and comment if we forgot anyone!

UGH, they all deserve ALL THE AWARDS.

None of these surprise me.

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