Peta Murgatroyd: “Absolute Rubbish” to Say DWTS Samba Didn’t Have Enough Content
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Peta Murgatroyd: “Absolute Rubbish” to Say DWTS Samba Didn’t Have Enough Content

James Maslow said the Dancing With the Stars producers were the ones who wanted his Season 18 Latin Night Samba with Peta Murgatroyd to be so sexy it was almost controversial. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also a legit Samba.

Peta was frustrated on that point, and in her People blog she referenced the sex factor of the Samba, but also the technical quality.

“I think that dance is about as sexy as it's going to get for us this season,” Peta wrote. “It's nothing that has never been done before. Shirt rips happen all the time on Dancing with the Stars, and garter belts get worn all the time. The fact that someone said there wasn't much Samba content in there is absolute rubbish. I had the whole kit and caboodle. It's a bit annoying when they say that and only focus on the clothes coming off which is a cool part of the thing but also there was Samba in there. And he did great. As Carrie Ann [Inaba] said, his lines were really good. Some people will say something's not passionate enough, but then someone will say something is too sexy.”

Yeah, you can never please everyone all the time, but the “someone” she’s referencing in there may be head judge Len Goodman himself.

In his Samba critique, Len first joked that the scantily clad Peta was a little overdressed. Then he added a quip on the "Gasolina" song, saying they kept the motor running and didn't run out of gas. Then it got a bit serious. "Your footwork wasn't all that great all the time,” he told James. “I like a little bit more hip action here and there." James stopped smiling, Peta made a face, and the crowd booed. "The shadow rolls were a little bit [drowned out by boos]. But, full of energy, full of fun, and you came out and gave it your all."

Carrie Ann Inaba, guest judge Ricky Martin, and Bruno Tonioli gave the dance 9s, but Len went for an 8. Len also gave James an 8 the week before, for his Quickstep.

Tonight on Week 8, James and Peta have the Viennese Waltz as their first dance, then a Jive Dance Duel with Amy Purdy and Derek Hough. Peta is putting high expectations on James to get a higher score from Grumpy Goodman. “He's really got to impress Len this week,” Peta wrote. “It's crunch time. He needs to get a nine or 10 from Len on this Viennese Waltz.”

No pressure, though! You can’t really predict what’s going to push Len to flash his 10 paddle, but with Dance Moms’s Abby Lee Miller as the guest judge, Len may even end up the nice judge.

Do you think Len has been too tough on James and Peta this season? Do you predict a 9 or a 10 from Len tonight?

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: People