Peta vs. Maks? Dancing With the Stars Pro Says “Don’t Believe the Gossip”
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Peta vs. Maks? Dancing With the Stars Pro Says “Don’t Believe the Gossip”

How awkward. Dancing With the Stars pros Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dated for about 10 months, but broke up last year, long before the current Season 18. They both just made the spring 2014 Finals with their respective partners, but they’re also embroiled in a weird tabloid war of words — or at least their names are.

The drama started yesterday when “sources” told RadarOnline Peta was still pining for Maks and wanted him back ever since they broke up. They said she was using her new celeb partner James Maslow to make Maks jealous. They also said she’s gotten close to Maks’ brother Valentin Chmerkovskiy to try and win Maks back. The source said Val didn’t want to get involved, but Peta’s relationship with James is fake, and Maks is “not into her anymore.” The source said Peta has told everyone she still has feelings for Maks, not just Val.

Well, now a source “close to Peta” is telling a very different story to Life & Style.

This source, unnamed again, said the real story is that no one is happy that Maks returned to DWTS this season. They claim he tried to reconnect with Peta and “she dismissed him.” They said he was frustrated after that and went to his ex-fiancée, fellow pro Karina Smirnoff. But this source said he’s been trying to get Peta’s attention all season, even faking a showmance with his celeb partner Meryl Davis. The source said Peta is definitely not interested in Maks.

Later on May 14, shortly after the Life & Style story came out, Peta tweeted, “People put others down for their own amusement and gain — rise above it! Don't believe the gossip and focus on the good.”

She could’ve been referencing the first Radar story or the L&S story that seemed to defend her, or to the fact that this gossip exists at all. She’s just trying to keep her head in the game, focusing on what’s “good,” which is a smart idea.

After all, with the finals looming, we're pretty sure Peta, Maks, and all the pros all have their focus on something other than romance — the Mirror Ball!

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