Peter Gunz Wants to Remarry Amina Buddafly — In Germany!
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Peter Gunz Wants to Remarry Amina Buddafly — In Germany!

Love and Hip Hop Season 4 couple Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly had a pretty rocky start, but the two have apparently made leaps and bounds in their relationship. The couple are expecting their first child (a girl) together, and Amina said that Peter’s actually gotten better as a husband. As a matter of fact, he has admitted that he’s been seeking therapy to better himself as a person and wants to do right by his wife by renewing their vows — in Germany!

Recently Peter gabbed to Sister 2 Sister magazine about how “ghetto” it was to get married to Amina at the justice of the peace the first time, and now he wants a bigger ceremony in his wife’s home country.

“If anybody knows about getting married at the justice of the peace, you have to file for a marriage license, take everything in and then plan a date … But it’s definitely ghetto, the way it went. She got on the train, we went and got a sandwich and hey. So now, yeah, I want to get married in Germany.”

Amina, who was present during at the interview, was pleasantly surprised and equally happy to hear her husband talk about having another wedding, adding “I want that. I’m so happy you’re saying that. Yes.” Peter went on to say that he feels it’s the right thing to do, since he’s never met his in-laws.

“The right thing would be to go out there and meet her parents and apologize for just marrying their daughter without asking permission from the dad,” Peter said, adding, “I would definitely get married in Germany. We might get a bomb threat at our wedding if we do it here … we might have to evacuate the ceremony; people hate the situation so bad.”

The situation Peter refers to (of course) is how his marriage to Amina ended his relationship with girlfriend/baby mama, Tara Wallace. Peter is pretty aware that it turned people (including Tara’s family) against him, and because of this, he vows to marry Amina in Germany… when the time is right. He said he’d like to “just do things at a respectful pace and not rub salt in the wounds,” as he’s already done “enough” to Tara.

“To humiliate her like that was wrong, and I feel bad for it,” he said of deceiving Tara, and it’s a lesson he said he’s definitely learned and continues to work on for the future.

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