Peter Kraus Still in Running For ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Gig — Report (UPDATE)
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Peter Kraus Still in Running For ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Gig — Report (UPDATE)


UPDATE (8/21/2017 at 1:15 p.m. ET):

Listen up, Peter Kraus fans!

Sounds like all hope isn't lost just yet for the fan favorite to get the Bachelor 2018 gig. We're now hearing the decision has yet to be made — on both the producers' and Peter's ends.

Conflicting reports first had him 1) not offered the role, and 2) turning it down entirely.

But a telling tweet from the man himself on Friday, teasing that a judgment had been made "without having facts," implies the media had it all wrong.

So what does that mean for the fitness trainer?

There's still a chance something could be worked out between him and the casting producers.

"Anything could change at this stage of the game," the source tells

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"Still too early to tell. Producers in this franchise are very good at convincing."

Keep your fingers crossed, guys! And click through for more on all of the back-and-forth.

UPDATE (8/17/2017 at 5:30 p.m. ET):

Could it be that Peter Kraus was the one doing the rejecting when it came to the Bachelor 2018 gig?


That's the new word via Reality Steve! The spoiler blogger took to Twitter on Thursday to shoot down claims that producers didn't want the Midwestern hunk as the next Season 22 star.

Apparently, they wanted him bad!

Steve's sources tell him the Bachelorette runner-up was asked to star on the coming season, but he turned them down — for what reason, we're not sure.

As for the People report, the Bachelor insider maintains this is the show trying to save face by turning "the narrative around."

Meanwhile, Peter himself has yet to speak out on the subject, though he did post on Instagram today, gushing about his time in the franchise.

“So much love and appreciation for this entire experience and everyone who I shared it with," he writes in the caption, alongside a pic of him and his Bachelorette buddies.

No hard feelings? Click through for more on this casting drama!

Original story (8/17/2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET):

It’s been a big week for Bachelor 2018 rumors!

In a matter of days, names like Wells Adams and Dean Unglert have been thrown into the mix with long-held frontrunner for the gig, Peter Kraus.


And now it seems like it’s the first two dark horses’ job to lose, as we’re hearing Peter is “never gonna happen”!

The buzz started on Thursday, when showrunner Mike Fleiss posted a telling tweet.

“Do we really want a Bachelor who isn't ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about…” he wrote.

Of course, he doesn’t name any names, but this does come on the heels of ABC Senior VP of Alternative Series Robert Mills’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he was a bit more clear.

“With Peter, as much as there has been a call for him to be the star, there is also the thought that if he wasn’t ready to propose, then maybe this isn’t right,” Robert started.

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He then added, “People are asking those questions. Even the cliche: Is he doing it for the right reasons? You have to weigh all those factors in, but Bachelor Nation is a massive voice.”

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That certainly doesn’t sound like they’re very interested in handing over the Season 22 reigns to  the 31-year-old.

Now, a source close to the show has confirmed every #TeamPeter member’s nightmare: He’s out!

“Peter is every Bachelor producer’s worst nightmare: the perfect guy who cannot be coerced into proposing at the end,” the insider told People.

“The fact that no one could talk Peter into buckling under and just giving her the ring — and that he wouldn’t play along — absolutely enraged the higher-ups at the show,” the source added.

“Including [Mike] Fleiss, definitely.”

The insider went on to say the business owner is now on producers’ “s—t list forever.”

“Even if they weren’t so mad, his unwillingness to play by the rules of the game has them afraid,” they declared.

The biggest concern, apparently, is that he’d be similar to Juan Pablo Galavis or Brad Womack and not drop to one knee at the end.

The source concluded, “Not gonna happen.”

Interestingly, when Mike wrote that post, that spurred fans to bring up Wells, who was first theorized for the gig during Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise.

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BIP castmate Jasmine Goode chimed in, “Exactly! @WellsAdams for #Bachelor #WellsForBachelor.”

Per usual, the radio DJ took the flattery in stride — and poked a little fun at himself.

“#AmericaDeservesBetterAbs,” Wells quipped back.

The Bachelor premieres in early 2018 on ABC.