Peter Kraus Reflects on His Devastating Confrontation With Rachel Lindsay
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Peter Kraus Reflects on His Devastating Confrontation With Rachel Lindsay


We’ve been so caught up in the Bachelor 2018 rumors, we haven’t given enough thought into how Peter Kraus is really doing!

That’s not to say we’re still interested to see if the long-held frontrunner will get the gig over other favorites like Wells Adams and Dean Unglert.

But considering how devastated the Bachelorette 2017 runner-up appeared on the live After the Final Rose special, we’re curious: Is he over Rachel Lindsay?

We (sort of) got an answer to all of that in Peter’s first post-show interview, which he conducted at his Worth Personal Training Boys & Girls Club event in his hometown of Madison.

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As you can tell, the 31-year-old has been throwing himself into his work as the owner of a personal training company. But he’s still thinking about his lost love, of course.

“It was a stressful two months, and then it’s been a stressful three months since then,” he admits to Life & Style.

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The Midwestern hunk shares that, while he’s still harboring some feelings for the lawyer, he’s not “in love with her” anymore.

“I have love for her, for sure,” he concedes.

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“She and I went through a lot. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’ll always have love for her, there’s no doubt about that.”

So, he might not be holding onto dreams of reuniting with the 32-year-old beauty, who’s now engaged to final pick Bryan Abasolo.

Still, those lingering feelings did cause Peter to have a near-mental breakdown backstage at ATFR.

“I was crying backstage before I came out,” the former male model spills.

He continues, “I didn’t want to go onstage. I almost walked off, but [producers] grabbed me and said, ‘It’ll be OK.’”

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While he does say it was “good to see” his Bachelorette ex, the hardest part for him was “sitting next to her.”

“She said that she already had her mind made up, and it was Bryan,” he reasons.

He adds, “So I just have to go with what she said. That night sucked. It was hard.”

Now that he’s a couple of weeks removed, he’s made peace with Rachel’s choice and the awkward interaction they had that night (you know, when she icily told him he shouldn’t be Bachelor).

In fact, he even defends the new couple’s decision to promote themselves and products on social media.

He reasons, “Whatever they do in their life, I’m no longer a part of it. I have no qualms with anything they want to do."

Now that his ex is in the next stage of her life, you’d think he’d want to move on to his, right? And maybe on TV?

Sure, Bachelor showrunner Mike Fleiss recently tweeted they don’t want a Bachelor “who isn't ready to settle down with a woman he loves,” which was obviously directed at Pete.

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Then again, we hear “anything could change” at this point, and the handsome fella himself even teased that the media had it all wrong thinking he was out of the game.

Here’s hoping the producers reconsider him for the lead. After all, with Wells kissing Danielle Maltby on Paradise and Dean’s messy, reputation-ruining love triangle, he is our best option!

The Bachelor premieres in early 2018 on ABC.